SmartBank,Inc. (EN)
SmartBank,Inc. (EN)

SmartBank,Inc. (EN)

1. Message: Our unchanging origin.

Create things that people want.

We want to create a service that many people will use addictively every day.

12years ago, the three of us got together on weekends and decided to create new web services, We formed a company, and our first hit was Japan's first flea market app, "Fril”. And this is our second challenge. We still want to make the world a better place by solving problems and creating things that people really need.


2. Product: B/43 - “Prepaid card for expense management”

We're working on a product called B/43 to solve a problem that "everyone spends money every day, but most people don't have a proper grasp of it.

B/43 is a new service which is a combination of a household budgeting application and a Visa prepaid card. By charging your monthly budget to the card and making daily payments, your expenses are automatically recorded and visualized, allowing you to easily continue managing your expenses.

You can also manage your expenses more effectively with "Pocket Household Management," where you simply separate money for different purposes in sub-accounts called “Pockets”. This is a feature that came about through conversations with people who were managing their cash by dividing it into small portions in envelopes or (MUJI) passport cases.

Based on such insights into "real issues," we will continue to create products that focus on simplicity for everyday use by ordinary people.

3. Company profile


Kohara Sanden Building 4F, 1-8-12 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku
Date of establishment
April 2019
Shota Horii
100 million yen
Registration No.
Director of Kanto Local Finance Bureau No. 00084


4. Corporate Inquiries

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